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17 Sep 2012


An all-new truck tyre developed specifically to meet the high demands placed on light commercial vehicles (LCVs) in urban traffic has been released onto the Australian market.

Hankook's new Vantra LT tyre has been developed for greater mileage, durability and fuel efficiency.

Another key influence on the tyre's development was achieving safety-related driving characteristics such as shorter braking distances and superior wet road performance.

"Frequent use in stop-start traffic places special demands on LCV tyres," said the President and CEO of Hankook Tire Europe, Jin-Wook Choi.

"With the Vantra LT we are targeting the specific needs of LCV fleet operators who require a tyre that delivers constant performance and safety over a long service life, while also saving money and protecting the environment."

Hankook says the Vantra LT's innovative design improves the tyre's fuel efficiency by 13 per cent compared with its predecessor.

Reduced tyre deformation results in lowered rolling resistance, which improves fuel efficiency and thus cost-effectiveness - key considerations for LCVs which spend most of their time in stop-start traffic.

The Vantra LT's square-shaped contact patch technology allows for an optimised groove position, increasing stability in the outer footprint area.

In addition, a tread pattern featuring three-channel wide central grooves and 3-D lateral grooves improves water dispersion by 14 per cent, reducing hydroplaning and improving performance in wet and cold weather conditions.

The Vantra LT's optimised block stiffness further enhances the tyre's handling performance in wet weather without sacrificing block strength.

Hankook says the running smoothness of the tyre - and thus control and driving comfort - is perceptibly improved as well.

The Vantra LT features an innovative reinforced double steel belt structure which more evenly distributes ground pressure, resulting in an improvement in tyre wear of up to 12 per cent.

The tyre also features a new protection shield which effectively helps to prevent sidewall damage.

Technical features of the Vantra LT

Optimised interior structure ensures durability and safety

The reinforced belt structure of the Vantra LT ensures durable performance by applying a reinforced belt layer and double steel belt. In combination with special bead filler for enhanced rim joint stiffness also handling performance is improved. The tyre's Sidewall Protect Shield prevents sidewall damage under low-pressure conditions.

Increased handling and wet performance

Three-channel wide grooves in combination with 3-D lateral grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning and ensure increased performance and safety at higher speed as well as enhanced wet and cold weather performance without sacrificing block strength. The Vantra LT's innovative new straight main grove improves hydroplaning performance by up to 14% by ensuring better water runoff.

Improved wear performance, fuel efficiency and extended mileage

By applying an optimised structure with innovative compound technology the wear performance has improvement of up to 12% compared to a conventional tyre. In addition an optimised carcass profile allows for up to 13% improved fuel efficiency by minimising energy loss in driving.

Increased durability and driving stability

The Vantra LT's square shape contact patch improves the tyre's durability while the optimised groove position ensures additional stability in the outer grounding footprint area.

1. Available sizes

The Vantra LT is available in 34 dimensions in sizes from 14 to 16 inches in series 82 to 60 and cover tread width from 165 to 235 all marked M+S.



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