16 Oct 2012


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Australia's decade-long boom in SUV sales has created a huge market for replacement tyres for 'soft-roader' vehicles, according to Hankook Tyre Australia.

Recent sales data shows that year to date SUV sales at the end of September 2012 were 228,395 - almost one in every four new vehicles sold.

Hankook Tyre Australia has launched a new road-biased SUV tyre intended for use on the growing number of SUVs which spend the majority of their time on tarmac.

The Hankook Dynapro HT has been designed for improved tread life and fuel saving, while also providing increased traction in wet conditions.

"The large number of road-focused SUVs sold in the last 10 years has created a significant demand for replacement tyres for these vehicles," said managing director of Hankook Tyre Australia, Paul Park.

"SUV sales in Australia have grown relentlessly over the last 10 years and we expect the boom to continue."

SUV sales are 28.9 per cent above the number sold in the same period in 2011, and 64.9 per cent above SUV sales in September 2006.

"Most SUVs sold in recent years rarely venture off made roads and the primary qualities many owners are looking for in replacement tyres are, therefore, comfort, stability, tarmac grip and low noise levels.

"The Dynapro HT combines these attributes with long tread life, and low rolling resistance for better fuel economy," said Mr Park.

Dynapro HT's tread pattern features very stiff centre blocks for improved steering response, while the tyre's case construction is designed for steering stability.

The tyre's durability is improved by Hankook's Stiffness Control Contour Theory which minimises deformation when the tyre heats up and air pressure increases.

Hankook also sells more aggressive models such as Dynapro MT and ATM for drivers in need of better off-road capability.



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