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Back Vehicle News Volkswagon Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles celebrates a stunning trophy haul at 2015 Business Van of the Year Awards
28 Jan 2015

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles celebrates a stunning trophy haul at 2015 Business Van of the Year Awards

  • Transporter named ‘Best Crew Van’
  • Amarok wins ‘Best Utility Pick-Up’ and ‘Best Double Cab’ awards
  • Caddy awarded ‘Best Local Delivery Van’

United Kingdom – Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is celebrating a stunning trophy haul at the annual Business Van Awards. The brand claimed Best Crew Van for Transporter, Best Local Delivery Van for Caddy, plus Best Utility Pick-Up and Best Double Cab for the Amarok.

Announcing the results before an industry audience, Business Vans’ editorial director, Ralph Morton, commented:

Best Crew Van – Transporter
‘It’s not just the Transporter panel van version that shines out for SME van operators, when it comes to carrying people to various jobs, the Kombi variant is a winner too.

‘But the real appeal of a Kombi is that it can be a tax-efficient dual use vehicle. For someone in the trades the Transporter Kombi is a brilliant, smart and professional-looking working van during the day, which can then double for family use at the weekends. It means you won’t need an additional car – the Kombi does it all.’

Best Local Delivery Van – Caddy
‘The VW Caddy is compact – just what you need for local delivery work – but this Volkswagen van also has a choice of payloads and 3.2m3 of load capacity and can take loads up to 1.78m. So it’s big on performance.

‘Add in the fact the Caddy is smart, has legendary VW build quality and reliability and carries the professional image that goes with the Volkswagen nameplate, and you have an excellent winner of our local delivery van category.’

Best Utility Pick-Up and Best Double Cab – Amarok
‘We do like a pick-up here at Business Vans and despite challenges from rivals, the Volkswagen Amarok remains top of the pile, whether it’s a do-it-all utility version you want or a more upmarket double cab.

‘Why does it remain our favourite? Outside it looks tough and on the road you feel like you’re ready for anything, the bed area is practical and spacious, yet inside it is comfortable with a car-like feel and comfy ride. Add in Volkswagen reliability and low running costs, and you can see why the Amarok remains king of the pick-ups.’



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