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22 Jan 2013


Toyota's next-generation RAV4 will arrive in local showrooms late next month with significant improvements to its performance, handling and safety.


A new selectable Sport mode is available to provide a more dynamic, sporting drive experience by modifying the power steering, throttle and automatic or CVT transmissions.


Sport mode decreases power-steering assistance, sharpens throttle response and adapts automatic and CVT gearbox management for more responsive gearshifts.


In AWD models, a new Dynamic Torque Control system provides greater stability and agility on both wet and dry roads.


Torque transfer to the rear wheels will now occur when the system detects understeer during cornering, not just when slip is detected.


Front-wheel drive is automatically engaged in normal driving conditions to improve fuel economy.


The system uses information from speed, steering, throttle and yaw sensors to monitor and control torque transfer.


In AWD models, the new Sport mode also activates torque transfer to the rear wheels from the moment the steering wheel is turned.


It will automatically distribute 10 per cent of torque to the rear wheels and will increase torque transfer up to 50 per cent if actual understeer develops.


A new Eco mode regulates engine output and air-conditioner operation to enhance fuel efficiency.


The driving position of the new RAV4 has been redesigned for excellent ergonomics, greater comfort, better forward visibility and a more engaging driving experience.


New RAV4 has even higher levels of active and passive safety, with a highly rigid body that has been engineered to achieve a five-star NCAP safety rating.


Toyota Australia's executive director sales and marketing Matthew Callachor said the new RAV4 will build on the reputation developed by previous generations.


"New RAV4 brings advances in capabilities including dynamics, ride comfort and ease of driving even on the most challenging of road surfaces," Mr Callachor said.


"It offers distinctive styling, refined interior and an engaging drive with three new fuel-efficient engines - including a turbo-diesel - as well as refinements to the suspension, revised electric power steering and the new Sport mode.


"Active singles, couples and families with a growing demand for space and versatility will particularly appreciate the roominess, comfort and luggage capacity."


Available in more than 150 countries, three generations of RAV4 have sold more than 4.5 million units since 1994, including almost 200,000 in Australia.



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