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Back Vehicle News Mitsubishi New 2016 Mitsubishi Triton proven and tested on Aussie Roads
30 Apr 2015

New 2016 Mitsubishi Triton proven and tested on Aussie Roads Featured

Australian customer requirements set benchmark for global tuning of new Mitsubishi Triton:

  • Engine torque delivery and responsiveness
  • High speed stability  on dirt and gravel surfaces
  • Towing performance and stability

Australian customer requirements have heavily influenced the dynamic performance of Mitsubishi’s new generation Triton, with many of the Australian-specific improvements adopted for the global market.

Reinforcing the growing importance of the Australian market in Mitsubishi Motor’s product plans, the new Triton was thoroughly tested in Australia during its development with multiple exercises carried out on sand, gravel and coarse chip bitumen, along with towing and heavy duty off-road testing.

The resulting changes for the Australian market played a central role in determining the global tune of Triton’s engine’s torque characteristics, high speed stability on gravel surfaces and overall towing performance and stability.

Australian customer feedback was also instrumental in new Triton’s early stages.  Mitsubishi Motor’s Triton program global lead Koichi Namiki travelled extensively within Australia to personally meet with existing Triton owners across mining, farming, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other industry to understand their day-to-day vehicle use.

Valuable intelligence gathered from these interviews helped shape the 2016 Triton program, ensuring the new model would perform well in Australia’s unique local conditions and climate.

Mitsubishi Motors Australian CEO Mutsuhiro Oshikiri said more than 295,000 Tritons had been sold locally, making Australia one of MMC’s biggest – and most influential – Triton customers.

“We are a very important export market for Triton,” he said. “Triton sales continue to go from strength to strength in Australia in line with the LCV market, so it’s essential the new Triton is a perfect match for our customers.

“I’m glad Mitsubishi Motors see Australia as a very attractive place to test new models, mainly due to our broad mix of roads and environmental conditions, but I’m more pleased testing on Australian soil has resulted in improvements to new Triton that suit Australian driver preferences for faster torque delivery and responsiveness.

“These improvements will not only benefit customers in Australia but, more importantly, all Triton customers around the world.”



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