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26 Oct 2012

Australians Look to Cost Effective Holidays

Australians have revealed they are itching to get out and see their own backyard instead of buying a holiday home, according to Jayco’s most recent travel survey.

The survey asked 1005 Australians for their thoughts on recreational vehicle (RV) holidays and their travel habits.* The results showed that 56 per cent of us would rather rough it on the road in campervans, caravans and motorhomes than purchase a holiday home.

Sixty two per cent of Australians said that buying a caravan was a much more cost efficient option than buying a holiday house, and just under 50 per cent would prefer an RV holiday because they can get out and meet new people on the road.

Jayco Marketing Director, Andrew Ryan, said that RV holidays were becoming a more cost effective option for people wanting to get out and see more of Australia.

“Purchasing an RV allows you the freedom to get out and go where you want, when you want, compared to a traditional hotel holiday,” Mr Ryan said. “The maintenance costs compared to owning a holiday house are also substantially less, making owning an RV a more achievable dream for many Australians.”

“Modern day RVs are comfortable to live in, with all the proper amenities including running water, a fridge, microwave and depending on the model you have, a shower and toilet,” Mr Ryan continued.

More than 63 per cent of Australians would consider buying a caravan instead of holidaying overseas. Of those who would prefer to caravan, 58 per cent said this was because they would like to see more of Australia, and 73 per cent adored the idea of packing up and going wherever you wanted, whenever you want.

Penny pinching trended throughout the survey, with 63 per cent of Australians stating that the cost of hotel accommodation deters them from going on holidays, and 64 per cent said they would go on more holidays if they owned a caravan.

The survey revealed that even though they’re cost conscious, Aussies are still spending on travel with more than 60 per cent of Australians spending between $1,000 and $2,500 per person when they go on holiday.

Jayco, which holds 46 per cent of the RV market, says that RV sales have been steadily increasing since 2009, as the nation catches on to the caravan craze.

“Sales in 2011 increased by 14 per cent. The young couple market in particular has continued to grow as more and more of us want to experience the relaxation and affordability that comes with an RV holiday.

“An RV trip allows you to experience authentic Australia, meet new people and spend relaxing time outdoors with friends and relatives,” Mr Ryan concluded.



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