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06 Apr 2011

Family Friendly RV Activities For Easter

Heading off on an RV break over Easter? Tens of thousands of Australian families take their caravans on the road on the Easter break to explore our great country. With the ANZAC day holiday included in this year’s mix making for a longer break, it will be important to think of ways to keep the kids amused.

Australia’s largest RV manufacturer, Jayco, has put together a list of suggestions to egg along the family fun while caravanning...

The great RV Easter egg hunt:
There’s no vehicle with better nooks and crannies to hide easter eggs than a caravan. Send the kids outside to run around while you hide the eggs in all the clever storage compartments and fold-away spaces. Just make sure the kids know that they have to tidy it all back up after they’ve finished pulling it apart!

Campfire cooking:
Kids love to cook, and what better than to help them barbeque a fish they caught themselves on Easter Friday? If you don’t already have fishing gear, you can buy a reel, bait and tackle fairly inexpensively from the local game shop – throw a line in at the local river or beach and wait to see what happens. (If you don’t have any luck, make sure you make it to the local fish or supermarket before it closes!).
Fillet the fish, add some olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper and throw straight on your RV’s fold out barbeque. There’s nothing better than the taste of fresh fish on Easter Friday, and it’s an experience your kids will remember for a lifetime!

Most Jayco RVs come with a fold out barbeque as an optional extra, starting at around $777.00

Enhance their map reading skills:
Make your kids useful and teach them how to read a map. They’ll love the thrill and the responsibility of telling you where to go next. Letting them navigate will also help to take up the time between journeys, and it will be more pleasant than listening to the automatic voice of your sat-nav.

Nurture your young movie buffs:
For rainy days, there’s a certain thrill in cosying up in the RV as a family and watching a movie. Coast to Coast sells a variety of RV-entertainment options, including 19” and 22” Sphere LCD TVs with inbuilt DVD players, with prices starting from $575.00. Also available are a range of speakers, antennas and satellite systems, to make it seem like you’ve never left your living room!

Take your bikes:
Most caravans and RVs come with the option of bike racks on the back. Depending on your model of van, you can purchase racks from Coast to Coast which will easily fasten onto the back of your vehicle, starting from around $380.00.  For the true adventure seeking families, Jayco also offers a range of Toy Hauler models which come with an inbuilt garage which can store motorbikes, jetskis, go karts and more!

Most importantly, wherever you go and whatever you see, make sure to make the trip safe, fun and fulfilling. Happy Easter!

More information can be found at www.jayco.com.au and www.coastrv.com.au




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