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26 Nov 2012

Families Turn to the RV Lifestyle

The recreational vehicle (RV) holiday is becoming more popular than ever amongst families, with eight out of ten Australians stating that a caravan holiday is a good option for families, according to Jayco’s most recent travel survey.

The results showed that while most adults did not experience RV holidays as a child, the majority believe it would provide their family with more opportunities to spend quality time together.

Over 70 per cent of those who supported the statement that caravan holidays are a good option for families, also said that it would provide them with more opportunities to show their children the Australian countryside.

Jayco Marketing Director, Andrew Ryan, said that RV holidays are a perfect option for parents who want to have a memorable and interactive holiday with their children.

“There is nothing quite like heading out on the open road with the kids. The songs, the driving games and all the random pit-stops simply cannot be replicated when you travel by air,” Mr Ryan said.

“Unlike any other form of travel, RVs give families the flexibility to stay in multiple destinations without ever having to unpack.”

Nearly two thirds of respondents (63 per cent) would consider caravanning around Australia rather than an overseas holiday. Of those who would prefer to caravan, 61 per cent said that a caravan holiday would allow them to holiday longer for less.

“There is no doubt that an RV holiday gives you more bang for your buck by providing the opportunity to travel as long as you like whenever you like.”

The survey found that many of us (56 per cent) would consider purchasing a caravan over a holiday home and 64 per cent would consider it over hotel accommodation.

Jayco, which holds 46 per cent of the RV market, says that caravan and motorhome sales continue to grow as the concept of the caravanning family holiday becomes more popular.

“Families are starting to realise that going on a caravan holiday doesn’t mean sacrificing any of their creature comforts.

“With air-conditioning, showers and television, many of our models are more luxurious than hotel rooms!” Mr Ryan said.

*Jayco conducted an online survey amongst 1005 Australians using research company, Pure Profile, in July 2012.



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