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Back Travel Australia Camper Trailer News Expand Your Summer Holiday Options with the Popular Jayco Expanda and Camper Trailer Ra
07 Nov 2011

Expand Your Summer Holiday Options with the Popular Jayco Expanda and Camper Trailer Ra

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, everyone is weighing up their summer holiday plans and one option that is gaining more and more popularity is the classic RV holiday.

A recent survey conducted by Jayco revealed that over half the population (54 percent) said they’d consider buying a caravan for family holidays, rather than using traditional hotel accommodation.

What that in mind, it is not surprising that Jayco’s Expanda and Camper Trailer ranges are proving to be popular choices for modern families and holidaymakers.

Jayco Marketing Director, Andrew Ryan, said that the Expanda Caravan range is the ideal RV for growing families who love the great outdoors.

“The 17 foot layout which includes a shower, large parents’ front bed and a triple fold bunk, has been well received along with the more luxurious layouts that are popular with larger families,” said Andrew.

“The Expanda is ideal for the summer holidays because they’re compact, great value and easy to tow, but families will also enjoy how the Expanda provides extra storage space for all their holiday gear,” said Andrew.

With over 1,500 sales in the last year, the Expanda continually proves it is the perfect RV for a family friendly holiday.

Jayco’s Camper Trailer range also remains popular with Australian families thanks to new updates to both the Touring and Outback models.

The Jayco Camper Trailer range has eight different layouts to choose from and an assortment of new optional extras to enhance your summer holiday caravan experience. These include BBQs, bike racks, roof racks and the convenient electric winch which – rather than the manual wind up system, lifts the roof with a simple press of a button.

“Thanks to their fantastic new additions and optional extras, Jayco Camper Trailers are perfect for any type of RV holiday and any type of traveller,” said Andrew.

Your summer holiday may be fleeting, but both the Expanda and Camper Trailer ranges are built to withstand years upon years of vacations. This is largely thanks to Jayco’s ultra durable Endurance Chassis which independent testers have described the ‘clever chassis’ due to its strength and protection Jayco travellers also have the added protection and support of Jayco’s three year Roadside Assistance, 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime warranty on the camper trailer winch to the original purchaser.

So these summer holidays forget about airport queues, dodgy motels and inflexible travel itineraries; and say hello to the great outdoors, freedom and Jayco’s Expanda and Camper Trailers.

For your nearest Jayco Dealer call 1300 JAYCO RV or visit www.jayco.com.au.



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