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22 Aug 2014

Genuine ex-military vehicles on display for first time at National 4x4 Outdoors Show

  • See genuine ex-military vehicles on display for the first time at the National 4x4 & Outdoors Show in Melbourne
  • Display vehicles will include Land Rover 4x4s, a Land Rover 6x6 and the go-anywhere, tough-as-nails Unimog off-road truck
  • A custom ‘Pimped Perentie’ will also be unveiled, modified by the Land Rover experts at KLR Automotive

Australian Frontline Machinery is bringing a sense of ‘misadventure’ to this year’s National 4x4 & Outdoors Show in Melbourne, with a range of genuine ex-military vehicles on display

Australian Frontline Machinery sells a wide selection of ex-military vehicles, direct from the Australian Defence Force, through open unreserved auctions at GraysOnline.com.

“We’ve been selling a range of ex-military vehicles including Land Rovers, Unimogs, trucks, trailers, motorcycles and ATVs for over 18 months now, and the interest from the public has been huge,” said Colin Werner, General Manager at Australian Frontline Machinery.

“Our customers come from all over Australia, but they have one thing in common, a sense of adventure – or as we like to think of it – ‘misadventure’.”

On display at the Australian Frontline Machinery stand at this year’s National 4x4 & Outdoors Show will be ex-military Land Rover 4x4s and a Land Rover 6x6, as well as the renowned Mercedes-Benz Unimog.  A highlight of the display will be Australian Frontline Machinery’s ‘Pimped Perentie’, which is a showcase for some of the modifications you can make to an ex-military vehicle to create a truly unique and functional adventure machine.

“Our vehicles are quite different to your usual ‘off the shelf’ 4x4s, trucks and trailers,” Werner added.

“They’re not new, but they’ve been built to military standards and are designed to handle the most challenging conditions imaginable, so they really turn some heads, both on and off the road. They’re about serious fun, rejecting the sensible option and going out and enjoying a legendary weekend of action and misadventure.

“Normally only serving members of the Australian Defence Force can get behind the wheel of these vehicles, so we’re excited that our display at this year’s National 4x4 & Outdoors Show will give Victorian 4WD enthusiasts the chance to see the vehicles up close and maybe even get them planning their next misadventure.”

To see these unique vehicles and find out more information about how you can purchase you own piece of Australia’s military history, stop by and visit the Australian Frontline Machinery  team at Stand 039 and don’t forget to ask for your free Land Rover poster.



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