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27 Aug 2010

NSW 4x4 Adventure Show

Friday, August 27 - Sunday, August 29

Venue Details
Sydney Dragway
Eastern Creek, NSW

Announcing the 4WD Adventure Show 27th, 28th and 29th August 2010.
The Four Wheel Drive NSW & ACT inc is organising the first Sydney 4WD Adventure Show, a show that will become an important feature of this great city's and of NSW annual events calendar.

Opening Times 9.00am to 5.00pm
Entry Tickets $10 per adults, Accompanied Children under 16 FREE, and Pension and Senior Card Holders $8

The 4WD adventure SHOW is pleased to announce entertainment stalwart and ex Australian Test Cricketer, Mike Whitney, as its official Ambassador for the inaugural 4WD adventure SHOW - Sydney Dragway, Eastern Creek - Friday 27 August until Sunday 29 August, 2010.

Why a Sydney 4WD Adventure Show?

The owners and potential owners of 4WD vehicles represent a broad spectrum of people, interests and activities, both work and leisure and this SHOW is for you. We hope it will encourage people who are not owners to become ones and take part in the many adventures they can provide. The show brings a network of 4WD Clubs to the event to educate and train people in travelling Australias Great Outdoors.

Why an Adventure Show?
The owners of four-wheel drives have access to a greater part of Australia and use their vehicle to experience the Great Australian Adventure. This show will be for all those businesses to present their products and services to an audience with an adventurous spirit. The audience will be interested in experiencing Australian adventure such as 4WD vehicles and accessories, travel, caravanning, camping, canoeing, mountain bike riding, hiking, scuba diving, mountain climbing, fishing, skiing and boating to name a few.

When is this Show?
This show will be held on the 27th, 28th and 29th of August 2010 and will be an annual event.

Where will the event be held?

The Venue is Sydney Dragway, at Eastern Creek. This will be the permanent home for the 4WD Adventure Show. Sydney Dragway will partner Four Wheel Drive NSW and ACT in developing this site as the four wheel drive hub of Sydney. It will host permanent off road tracks and a commercial 4WD training facility as well as a site for the development of other outdoor adventure facilities.

To find Sydney Dragway, exit off the M7 or M4 onto The Great Western Highway and follow the signs to Eastern Creek Raceway. Sydney Dradway is on Ferrers Road to the south of Eastern Creek Raceway.

The Sydney Dragway is at the hub of Sydney and offers easy access and huge areas of FREE parking for visitors.

What makes this show different to all others?
The 4WD Adventure show is run by four wheel drivers belonging to over 90 associated four wheel clubs who participate in all aspects of four wheel driving and all outdoor activities.

This show offers much more than just a shop. Multiple tracks will be developed for 4WD vehicles, mountain bikes and canoes. The show will host information sessions and demonstrations from a large number of exhibitors to inform and encourage visitors to be involved in outdoor adventures.


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