23 May 2017

Fuel tank for Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single Cab

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The 90lt Auxiliary tank is now available for the VDJ79R Single Cab Cruiser

LRA are manufacturers of quality fuel and water tanks for 4WD vehicles. Established in 1989, they are highly regarded as quality conscious professionals.

LRA specialise in:

  • Steel replacement fuel tanks for 4WDs
  • Steel auxiliary fuel tanks for 4WDs
  • Stainless steel water tanks for specific 4WD models
  • Steel fuel tanks for LPG-equipped 4WDs


LRA use the latest technology to design the most suitable shape that fits precisely into the selected location. Accuracy and precision are obtained with a computer controlled plasma profile cutting system.

All welds are full penetration, corner to corner MIG welded, using a high quality inset shielding gas and level layer wound MIG wire to ensure good welding penetration and exclusion of porosity in the weld.

Tanks are fully internally baffled and an expansion chamber is incorporated in the design of the tank. Only top quality materials are utilised in the manufacture process.


LRA Fuel tanks are designed to give maximum capacity without scarificing ground clearance. Our design team are 4WD owners with many years experience in design and practicality.

Benefits of LRA Tanks

  • Enable purchase and storage of fuel at the best possible prices, thereby saving you money
  • Safe storage of fuel on outback trips
  • Fewer fuel stops - faster travel times
  • Essential in the Australian outback
  • Ideal for covering vast distances

LRA products are designed & manufactured in Australia to suit our harsh 4WD conditions. Over 120 different types & styles are available for 4WDs.

LRA products are exported to many overseas markets.

All tanks carry a 2 year guarantee on all components and workmanship.

Special Orders: LRA can design & manufacture fuel or water tanks to your specific requirements.



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