31 May 2012

Volkswagen / VWAmarok Suspension Kits are Here

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Following the release of the Dakar-proven Volkswagen Amarok in the Australian Market, it quickly became apparent that there was a need for increased ride height and heavy duty suspension. Dobinsons responded to this demand, designing a full replacement suspension kit specifically designed for the Amarok.

Utilizing heavy-duty Coil and Leaf Springs, and heavy-duty Twin Tube Nitrogen Gas Shock Absorbers, Dobinsons have developed and tested a full lift-kit that will raise the vehicle 30mm, without causing premature front drive line wear. With options available for light to heavy duty, Dobinsons have ensured they will meet each customer's requirements.

In line with the release of the suspension kit, Dobinsons have also released a range of heavy duty winch-compatible steel bullbars including a Classic Black and Stainless Loop Deluxe bar. Combine your Dobinsons Bullbar with a Dobinsons Heavy Duty Suspension Kit and a Dobinsons Heavy Duty 4x4 Winch and your Amarok will be ready to tackle any track, any time.



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