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21 Jul 2012

Lightforce FAQ - Lux?

I have a 130 watt bulb in my light. How can a LIGHTFORCE light be any brighter? What do you mean by rating your light output by LUX?

Wattage alone can be very misleading. It’s all about how the power is being utilised by the bulb, the more efficient the bulb, the more light. A huge disadvantage besides high amperage draw on your electrical system is the immense heat output of high wattage bulbs. Stories abound of people either melting or burning light housings or cracking hot glass lenses when suddenly subjected to water. Light output is obviously a combination of the bulb, the reflector and lens, it is far more than just wattage or over hyped candlepower! This is one reason why at LIGHTFORCE we choose to rate our light output at a 1 LUX reading to demonstrate a REAL maximum distance potential. LUX you ask? Well, 1 lux is considered enough light to read a newspaper. We like LUX as it gives a logical performance benchmark.



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