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21 Jul 2012

Lightforce 170 Striker HID | Driving Lights

170 Striker H.I.D. Lightforce LightThe 170 STRIKER already has many fans but wait until you see it perform in its HID pedigree.

Despite its compact size, the combination of parabolic reflector and HID intensity projects a beam that sends many competitors larger lights running for cover.

Its versatility makes it perhaps the consummate all rounder equally at home on a touring vehicle or pure bred race machine.

The 170mm Striker H.I.D. use an external ballast and ignitor and have an adjustable beam (from spot to spread). This is similar to how a maglight works and these are a very viable option for most vehicles.


Summary: 170mm Striker H.I.D. Driving Light

  • Compact performance but with optimum reflector size
  • Lightweight polycarbonate, glass filled nylon composite construction
  • Light output can be tailored from a WIDE, COMBO or long distance SPOT pattern
  • Gore-tex breather to protect against moisture/contaminant ingress
  • CLEAR SPOT clip-on polycarbonate filter supplied
  • WEIGHT (single unit) 560g | 1lb 3.75oz
  • H:195mm x W:173mm x D:155mm
  • 35W LIGHT OUTPUT: 1 lux @  800 m
  • 50W LIGHT OUTPUT: 1 lux @ 1150 m

Available in:

  • 12V 35 watt HID 5000K (Product Code - HID170T)
  • 24V 35 watt HID 5000K (Product Code - HID170T2)
  • 12V 50 watt HID 5000K (Product Code - HID170T50W)
  • 24V 50 watt HID 5000K (Product Code - HID170T50W)

50 Watt (Flamethrower)

These versions of the Lightforce range offer premium performance at a realistic price. Alternatively the 35 watt versions offer an affordable H.I.D. Light for all applications.



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