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21 Jul 2012

Lightforce 240 XGT 50W HID | Driving Lights

When Lightforce released the original 50W HID driving light it literally blew all other driving lights away with shattering performance that set new standards in the commercial truck and the heavy duty 4WD scene.

Lightforce Factory Built H.I.D. Units

These use an internal ballast and ignitor of the best quality. The units are fully sealed (waterproof) at the assembly stage.These are the ultimate Lightforce Lights.

Both the 210 Genesis and 240 XGT's are available with 50 watt H.I.D. globes as well as in 35 watt. The 50 watt (Flamethrower) versions are an impressive product at a realistic price.

Summary: 240mm XGT 50W H.I.D. Driving Light

  • Fitted with distinctive red anodised bulb holder.
  • Integral ballast and ignitor, all electrical components are installed within the light.
  • Lumen output is a phenomenal 5200 lumens, that’s an impressive 62% increase compared to the existing 35w unit at 3200 lumens.
  • Produces over double the intensity of the standard 35w HID light increasing theoretical beam distance of 1,500 metres at one lux.
  • 4000°k Colour temperature.
  • European manufactured Gen 5 ballast with complete testing approvals and comprehensive certification.
  • 3000 hours rated bulb life. (based on standard switching cycle)
  • WEIGHT (single unit) 1.55 kg | 3lb 6.67oz
  • H:265mm x W:247mm x D:175mm
  • LIGHT OUTPUT | 1 lux @  > 1500+ m

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Available in:

  • 12V 50watt HID (Product Code - DL240HID50W12V)
  • 24V 50watt HID (Product Code - DL240HID50W24V)


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