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21 Jul 2012

Lightforce Genesis 210 50W HID | Driving Lights

LLightforce Genesis HID Driving Lightightforce took into account every desirable feature and performance parameter.

Combined with innovation, GENESIS delivers epic performance.

The Lightforce Genesis was designed to fit in the popular standard 210mm type dimensional envelope on any vehicle.


Lightforce Factory Built H.I.D. Units

These use an internal ballast and ignitor of the best quality. The units are fully sealed (waterproof) at the assembly stage.These are the ultimate Lightforce Lights.

Both the 210 Genesis and 240 XGT's are available with 50 watt H.I.D. globes as well as in 35 watt. The 50 watt (Flamethrower) versions are an impressive product at a realistic price.

Summary: 210mm Genesis H.I.D. Driving Light

  • Hi-Tec lightweight composite housing.
  • Hard coated polycarbonate lens - for unparalleled impact strength and resistance to scratching.
  • 15% larger reflector than most competitors - design and quality ensure maximum light output for the size of the light.
  • 4 position base mount - Click here for more information
  • Sculptured alloy bezel - acting as a ring of armour to eliminate debris collecting in the screw holes.
  • Anti-theft kit options - an optional stainless steel cross bolt incorporated a groove that is designed to be engaged by an 'interference' bolt making it virtually impossible to withdraw the cross bolt whilst mounted. Click here for more information
  • WEIGHT (single unit) 1.3 kg | 3lb - less than half the weight of the competitors!
  • H:233mm x W:214mm x D:138mm
  • 35W LIGHT OUTPUT: 1 lux @ 1050 m
  • 50W LIGHT OUTPUT: 1 lux @ 1350 m

Brochures / Articles:


Available in:

  • 12V 35 watt HID - Spot (Product Code - DL210H)
  • 24V 35 watt HID - Spot (Product Code - DL210H2)
  • 12V 50 watt HID - Spot (Product Code - DL210H50W)
  • 24V 50 watt HID - Spot (Product Code - DL210H50W)
  • 12V 35 watt HID - Spread
  • 24V 35 watt HID - Spread
  • 12V 50 watt HID - Spread
  • 24V 50 watt HID - Spread

50 Watt (Flamethrower)

These versions of the Lightforce range offer premium performance at a realistic price.

Alternatively the 35 watt versions offer an affordable H.I.D. Light for all applications.



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